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Our law practice was founded by Scott R. Dinin Esq. and our work  is dedicated to the RIGHTS of the Insured, to the RIGHTS of the Discriminated Against, and the RIGHTS of the Injured.

We are dedicated to representing the insured against the Insurance Companies.We never have, and never will work for any insurance company. When you have an Insurance Policy, it is a policy that should fully protect you.

We have handled thousands of Insurance Claims and have filed hundreds of law suits in open court to enforce our clients rights.


Cyber Security Awareness and commercial general liability policies (“CGL”)

When looking at  computer hacks, phishing schemes, malware and ransomware attacks, and other cyber-attacks and your insurance policy, there are going to be insurance coverage disputes. Companies that do not take out specific computer related coverage can find their coverage under commercial general liability policies (“CGL”) lacking. Insurance companies are fighting to not have … [Continue reading]

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  1. Foremost Insurance is facing a home insurance fraud class action lawsuit

    Foremost insurance, a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance is facing a Class Action lawsuit in Federal court over their failure  to include subcontractors’ overhead and profit in its Actual Cash Value evaluations of the damages. See the Story Need to File an Insurance claim? Insurance claims are a legal process and one should … [Continue reading]

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  2. Hurricane Matthew creates 75,215 claims so far

    Hurricane Matthew creates 75,215  insurance claims in Florida. www.insuranceinsider.com/matthew-claims-rise-in-florida-but-remain-manageable Fighting for Insurance Justice™ is no easy matter, we take it one case at a time and fight to get policyholders’ respect. We have vast experience in dealing with insurance companies.  We always provide a 100% free review of your claim, If we … [Continue reading]

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  3. Hurricane Matthew Causes Billions in Damages

    Hurricane Matthew is going to create a ton of insurance claims. See the story Below: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/billions-damage-losses-expected-north-carolina-hurricane-matthew/story?id=42857022 Need to File an Insurance claim? Insurance claims are legal matters period!  Never file an insurance claim without a lawyer on your side. Fighting for Insurance Justice™ is no easy matter, we take it one … [Continue reading]

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  4. Court Rules Cannabis Inventory Covered By Commercial Property Insurance

    In Green Earth Wellness Center, LLC (Green Earth) v. Atain Specialty Insurance Company (Atain), Civil Action No. 13-cv-03452-MSK-NYW (D. Colorado, February 17, 2016). The insurance company in this case tried to argue that insurance agreement was not allowed to cover cannabis inventory because it would be  would be tantamount to insuring … [Continue reading]

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