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Our law practice and our work  is dedicated to the RIGHTS of the Insured, to the RIGHTS of the Discriminated Against, and the RIGHTS of the Injured.

We are dedicated to representing the insured against the Insurance Companies.We never have, and never will work for any insurance company.

When you have an Insurance Policy, it is a policy that should fully protect you.

Power to the People| Litigation Funding

Litigation funding for Property Insurance Claims [Continue reading]

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  1. Cyber Insurance

    When responding to cyberattacks, commercial policyholders should carefully review all potentially applicable insurance policies and not overlook in place overages. As covered currently at the insurancejusticelawyer.com a recent federal decision in a case involving an insurance dispute National Ink & Stitch, LLC v. State Auto Property & Casualty Insurance Company, … [Continue reading]

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  2. In Massachusetts, the statute of repose does not apply if the plaintiff’s claim is rooted in the failure to maintain an improvement

    Individual states have different laws involving negligent design or construction of the improvement. Unlike and an Insurance claim that arises out of a covered cause or event. See the Post By Gus Sara [ in The Subrogation Strategist) We always provide a 100% free review of your claim, If we … [Continue reading]

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  3. Get a Cyber Specific Policy

    Get a Cyber Specific Policy your first party insurance policy might not get you covered. [Continue reading]

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  4. 10 Types Of Insurance

    If you are seeking legal representation from any type of claim against a insurance policy,please contact our office to schedule a free and confidential appointment. Call us at 855-500-Claim [Continue reading]

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