Gov. Rick Scott Demads Citizens Insurance to have inspector general appointed.

Governor Rick Scott addressed the malfeasance going on at Citizens Insurance and has asked that two separate Investigator Generals to look into to the Florida’s largest insurer. Governor stated, “What I’m worried about is misbehavior, mismanagement,” Scott said. “They dismissed their Office of Corporate Integrity. I’ve asked for two IG … [Continue reading]

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Great Video Report on the ADA….the Heroes are chronicled

Watch this video to understand what Disability / Ability is all about. The ADA is historic, and one of the greatest pieces of legislation that has ever been passed in America, or any other county, now or present. Story

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Finding, Insurance Justice™, from the first chapter

We are on a mission. I am a lawyer, but I was as uninitiated in the world of insurance, and how they keep their promises, how they pay the claims of the average home policy owner. The journey of discovery has been incredible to me, to learn how billion dollar … [Continue reading]

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Citizens Property Insurance Corporation blames “media” for exposing Citizens Property Insurance gross mismanagement!

Citizens Property Insurance the other day blamed lawyers for driving up insurance costs and then went on the blame the media of wrongdoing for exposing Citizens Property Insurance gross mismanagement.  Please see my  earlier post here: Citizens Property Insurance has been embroiled in bad ethics, wasting resources, and mismanagement. … [Continue reading]

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Citizens Property Insurance

Last week I attended a four and half hour deposition that Citizens Property Insurance decided to take of my client, for Hurricane damages that happened seven years ago: back in 20005. Please note, my client lost a day of wages for this little deposition alone, which you can add to … [Continue reading]

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