Insurance Policies are Contracts of Adhesion

Nice articulation of the reality of Insurance Contracts.  The below paragraphs are taken directly from the AMICUS CURIAE BRIEF OF UNITED POLICYHOLDERS IN SUPPORT OF PETITIONER JOSHUA BELL: (Joshua Bell v. Progressive Direct Insurance Company) Supreme Court of South Carolina -Opinion No. 2011-UP-242 Filed May 24, 2011 Withdrawn, Substituted and Re-filed June 23, … [Continue reading]

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Insurance Company is guilty of criminal activity and jury orders company to pay couple $6 million dollars.

The verdicts in, the jury in Broward County Florida, ordered FCCI to pay $1.2 million in punitive damages and $2.4 million in pain and suffering in the case involving Custom Wood Creations. In this case not only did FCCI do not pay the insurance claim from Hurricane Wilma, they maliciously … [Continue reading]

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Whistle Blowers Case: Regulated companies have limits on their attorney-client privileged documents in False Claims Act cases.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas B. Smith, in United States of America et al v. Halifax Hospital Medical Center, narrowed the attorney-client privilege.  Judge Smith distinguished between communications with corporations and their outside litigation counsel, those Communications between client and outside counsel are “cloaked with a presumption of privilege,” and communications … [Continue reading]

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Federal Court in Galveston, TX says insured may still assert Bad Faith claim against an insurance company even if an appraisal award is paid!

In Intermodal Equip. Logistics, LLCv. Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co the court allowed a bad faith claim to stand and go forward by citing to three exceptions to Texas’s general rule regarding bad faith claims. Even if there is no Breach of Contract, the Insurance Company actions can create a … [Continue reading]

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