Has your property been damaged by Grow House (marijuana) or a Drug House (meth) operation on the premises?

A grow house or a drug operation inside a property can cause significant amount of damage.  If the house was used to cultivate marijuana or produce meth, chemical damage as well as. Infrastructure damage is very common. Criminals will reconfigure property, altering the electricity, air conditioning and plumbing systems to … [Continue reading]

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Study in Canada Shows that 40% of damage to homes is caused by water

Water damage is serious business, and can cause more headaches than anything else if it not stopped, remedied, and corrected.  Dealing with the insurance company is no fun either. see the story Insurance companies are notorious for denying  these types of claims and underpaying the ones they agree that are … [Continue reading]

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jury in Mississippi has found that State Farm committed fraud against the government’s National Flood Insurance Program

State Farm found guilty of shifting damage estimates and payouts for Hurricane Katrina from State Farm wind coverage to the Federal Government’s National Flood Insurance Flood program. In this case, the same company who underpays countless insurance claims, and claims that their customers are defrauding State Farm, is found GUILTY of defrauded the government, that means you and I. … [Continue reading]

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Top Reasons Why You Need a Property Damage Insurance Attorney for Your Damaged Property Claim.

Is A Property Damage Insurance Attorney Needed? Last week I was talking with a property owner about her house fire claim and another home owner about their water damage.  What caught me by surprise was that many property owners either didn’t know why needed a Property Damage Insurance Attorney   or … [Continue reading]

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New Jersey Puts Insurance Companies on Notice on how to act if Meditation is requested by a policy holder; Sandy Claims

If Hurricane Sandy Claimant requests mediation for their windstorm claim, the insurer is required to forward the request to the AAA  (American Arbitration Association)  within one business day of receiving the request from the policy holder. This is a good ruling to stop the delay tactics that are all too common as part of the insurance companies broad strategies to underpay claims.  see … [Continue reading]

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