Florida Supreme Court clarifies Florida Law: Judges should side with policyholders if insurance policies are ambiguous!

The issue in this case was how insurance contracts, insurance policies are interpreted by the Florida courts. The Florida Supreme Court decided that where the language in an insurance contract is plain and unambiguous, a court must interpret the policy in accordance with the plain meaning so as to give effect to the … [Continue reading]

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Florida Supreme Court upholds policyholders rights in Trinidad v. Fla. Peninsula Ins. Co.

Insurance Company ( Florida Peninsula Insurance Company) refused to pay for named benifit for  general contractor’s overhead and profit because the Plaintiff had not yet incurred those expenses, even though it was a policy benefit to paid out on a covered claim. The policyholder filed suit to enforce their rights, … [Continue reading]

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Texas Fire victim is forced to file a lawsuit to get her policy paid

An all too typical example that I see everyday. Policyholder has a valid insurance policy, policyholder has a csathroprohic fire, insurance company refuse to pay the full coverage. see the story here We always provide a 100% free review of your claim, and if you choose to hire our firm … [Continue reading]

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