Can You Save Save Money on Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners Insurance is costly in Florida and complicated. This article on give a good overview on how to possible reduce insurance costs. I think best recommend they listed, was to getting referrals based on great customer service. Need to File an Insurance claim? Insurance claims are a legal process … [Continue reading]

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Irma Cant Keep a Good Cat down!

Hurricane Irma messed with all our lives down here in Florida, but finally a good tweet! From Twitter: Date Line Tampa: Eva “the cat” went missing TWO YEARS ago during Hurricane Irma. Tonight, the owner was reunited with Eva. Eva is now living in luxury. MEOW, that is a great … [Continue reading]

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Even Noahs-ark needs a Lawyer to get their insurance claims paid.

When heavy rains in 2017 and 2018 flooded Noahs’ pastures, they need their Insurance Company to come to their rescue. But not even Noah, could not get the the insurance company to pay the claim. If Noah can not get a Insurance Company to play fair…. Insurance Companies have the … [Continue reading]

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