Adjusters can be held Liable for their Negligence

Insurance Company Adjusters can make mistakes, and they can also create them.  I believe its called doing the Insurance Companies’ bidding, or just another part of the fraud that can be property insurance  if the policyholders does not watch everything.

In a recent California Case, ( Bock v. Hansen, 225 Cal. App. 4th 215 (2014)) the held that the court said that a “special relationship” with “heightened duties” exists between an insurer and insured, and “such special relationship leads to the conclusion that [the adjuster], the employee of the party in the special relationship, had a duty to the [homeowners].”

see the article here

Insurance Companies are not people, they are businesses, and they want your money, and they don’t want to keep their promises.  So be careful and trust no one, and if you have an insurance claim hire a lawyer.

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