Another Case where Citizens Insurance wont live up their promisies

I am still filing suits against Citizens Property Insurance Company for Hurricane Wilma (circa 2005) claims for my clients. We had tried for the last several years to make Citizens live to their policy agreements, and resolve this matter through Appraisal.

As usual, Citizens, has denied the claim, refused to cooperate, and refused to settle this matter according to their own contract provisions.

So we have filed another lawsuit for Breach of Contract, to recover the full amount of damages for our client. While Citizens might be a billion dollars financial giant, they forgot one thing, the United States is still a free country, and we are equal in front the jury.

I am still amazed that despite the fact that Citizens has faced thousands of law suits that have exposed their deficient claims practices, paid millions for dollars in additional damages to homeowners, and they still refuse to settle claims through the appraisal process.

Very simple the Appraisal provision is party neutral provision that ensures fair play, fair settlement, and an independent analysis of damages. So why are not all claims sent to Appraisal? So why are not all claims settled in Appraisal?

I can only guess that most insurance companies know that they have not fairly paid most claims and will always loose when the real truth is revealed.

Like most of the Insurance cases I handle, I will earn my fees from the Insurance Company when we win or there is never a charge to you.

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