Another Homeowner comes to understand how Insurance Companies really work

I noticed this letter from a Long Island, New York homeowner who was a victim of Hurricane Sandy, the letter was written to NEWSDAY and they published it.

See the letter/ story here

Myra Kennett Baldwin was expressing her frustration that after many years of paying for insurance on her home, not only did she personally know of “countless people who still have not repaired or rebuilt because of difficulties encountered when trying to collect from their insurance companies,” she  was also angry that now the insurance companies were cancelling hers and others policies.

It doesn’t come to a surprise to me to see this kind of behavior from insurance companies, they are in it for the profit, and enormous profits at that, they are not concerned with doing the right thing.  Until the laws are changed and a Homeowners Bill of Rights if established , more abuses will be heaped upon the American people.

What Ms. Baldwin is experiencing is  called, “Abuse of Process/Abuse of Power,” and it should not be tolerated, as a Lawyer, I call myself the Insurance Justice Lawyer™, because I’m fight everyday to stop abuses like this one and make insurance companies treat people with dignity and respect.

I always recommend retaining an attorney from the beginning of submitting any claim,  and if you don’t, please document every single claim, communication, conversation, damage, and promise, the Insurance Companies are not to be trusted with your family and your future at stake.

It reminds of why I am working so hard, and what I seeking for my clients, It is simply called Insurance Justice™, getting my clients damages paid for, demanding dignity and respect,……………. not contempt and bullying.  Call me at 786-431-1333 let me review what these companies are trying to do to you!



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