Don’t Wait five years to report a Claim ( 1500 Coral Towers Condominium looses summary judgment in favor of Citizens Property Insurance)

3rd DCA confirms Summary Judgement against Condominium because they failed to notify insurance company in a timely manner.  In this case, five was considered too long. 1500 Coral Towers Condo v Citizens Property Insurance Corp “The record fails to show any evidence or issue of fact presented by Coral Towers sufficient to overcome the … [Continue reading]

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Carl Hiaasen is not happy with the Florida run Citizens Insurance

See the Story here→  Carl Hiaasen: This Florida citizen outraged by Citizens insurance

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Citizens Insurance Company gets hit with a Class Action suit!

Class action lawsuit filed against Citizens Property Insurance Company

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Citizens Insurance Denying or under paying your property claim?

Well frankly they have better things to do and spend the money on other than your claim, like, workplace pornography, strip clubs, office sex affairs and fraud.  See the whole story here: Well Citizens Insurance did disband their Office of Corporate Integrity, fire their OCI investigators, and plead ignorance to … [Continue reading]

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Citizens Insurance Executives traveling and dining at four-star locations across the globe all on your dime! Now they get pay raises, of course, after they raise your premiums.

As I have said, and recorded, my times, the insurance business has changed, they view the policyholder as a sucker, a mark, someone to be taken advantage of, and your premiums are for their enrichment not for you security God forbid your encounter a tragedy. I have handled close to … [Continue reading]

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