Another State Sues State Farm for Fraud!

Mississippi is suing State Farm Insurance for millions of dollars  the state lost because the insurance company “maliciously” denied Hurricane Katrina claims for wind losses while the federally funded Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) picked up the tab. Your ” Good Neighbor”,  State Farm Insurance,  in effect converted a program designed to help Mississippians … [Continue reading]

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Vermont Supreme Court rejects negligence as a cause of action against a carrier in connection with the inspection and handling of a first-party property insurance claim.

Its all about a contract, and your trust in the services you have “bought” when you have an insurance claim.  The Vermont Supreme Courts added to the body of law around the country that had found, that an insured cannot sue an insurance company when they provide lousy ( fill in … [Continue reading]

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Texas Fire victim is forced to file a lawsuit to get her policy paid

An all too typical example that I see everyday. Policyholder has a valid insurance policy, policyholder has a csathroprohic fire, insurance company refuse to pay the full coverage. see the story here We always provide a 100% free review of your claim, and if you choose to hire our firm … [Continue reading]

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No New Hurricanes since Wilma, Guess What insurance prices rise anyways!

There hasn’t been a major nor a minor storm to reach Florida since Hurricane Wilma, but there has been over 100 rate hike requests since 2009 alone. See the Story here: We never suggest dealing with and insurance company on your own, your are not alone, we are here to help you, … [Continue reading]

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Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company (UPCIC) fined $1.26 million for abusing customers!

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company (UPCIC) has engaged is abusing their own customers. As first detailed in the story 1, or story 2, and many others, these companies  have one goal, not to pay your claims, First, they deny your claim, if that does not work, they move to delay your claim and … [Continue reading]

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