Citizens Property Insurance Corporation blames “media” for exposing Citizens Property Insurance gross mismanagement!

Citizens Property Insurance the other day blamed lawyers for driving up insurance costs and then went on the blame the media of wrongdoing for exposing Citizens Property Insurance gross mismanagement.  Please see my  earlier post here:

Citizens Property Insurance has been embroiled in bad ethics, wasting resources, and mismanagement. So while Citizens has been exposed for their waste, they go on and attack lawyers and media for making Citizens account for their behavior.

This is the attitude you can expect from most private insurance companies, and when it comes from a state run and operated company like Citizens, it’s disgusting. I have filed hundred lawsuits against Citizens Property Insurance for underpaying  claims.   In fact it is a pattern that I’ve seen perpetrated against the people of Florida for years.

I would not been in law practice, nor have the title Insurance Justice Lawyer™, if it were not for the bad actions that we all have been reading about in the papers. Like wise, to blame the media, for Citizens wrong doings is just plain silly, stupid, and makes you question who they think they are, Kings or Public servants?

People pay a fortune for insurance in the State of Florida. They deserve respect, not to be nickel and dimed in the payout of their claims, and not to have the largest insurance company in the state, run by the state, engaged inappropriate behavior.

Insurance is needed, Disrespect is not. Every policy holder needs to treated with respect, dignity, and prompt claims resolution period!
See the alstest article by Fred Grimm at below link

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