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Last week I attended a four and half hour deposition that Citizens Property Insurance decided to take of my client, for Hurricane damages that happened seven years ago: back in 20005. Please note, my client lost a day of wages for this little deposition alone, which you can add to the umpteen told hours that Citizens Property Insurance had already wasted of my clients’ life.

Now mind you I had originally asked Citizens to pay the full claim backed up by evidence in 2009, and what has Citizens done to date, send my office endless requests for useless information, delayed in responding to my letters, and accused by client of breaking the policy contract, I guess the way Citizens sees it, my client must have moved their house in front of Hurricane Wilma back in 2005.

Malcolm X said something analogous in his Civil Rights Struggle, he said, “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, my brothers and sisters – Plymouth Rock landed on us!”

So as usually I had to file a lawsuit against Citizens to 1) Enforce the Plain and Simple contract terms and have my client damages finalized in appraisal, and 2) Breach of Contract for not paying the full damages from Hurricane Wilma.

This process is not rocket science. The insurance companies operate in a Trillion Dollar Marketplace, most companies are worth billions of dollars, and they have a flow of cash coming into their bank accounts each and every day. They have all the resources and most importantly the responsibility to Adjust (investigate) the damages and get it right the first time.

And when they don’t investigate the claim properly, they should resolve these matters expeditiously when a policy holder (home owner)has retained experts and counsel.

FRED GRIMM of the Miami Herald has written a good article chronicling the goings on at Citizens Property Insurance. The article is very illuminating, because all I every hear from the Citizens claims department and their lawyers is how Citizens Property Insurance had no money to pay claims.

It reminds of why I am working so hard and what I seeking for my clients, It is simply called Insurance Justice™, getting my clients damages paid for, demanding dignity and respect,……………. not contempt and bullying.

Scott R. Dinin ESQ.
See the article in the Miami Herald at the below link:

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