Finding, Insurance Justice™, from the first chapter

We are on a mission.

I am a lawyer, but I was as uninitiated in the world of insurance, and how they keep their promises, how they pay the claims of the average home policy owner. The journey of discovery has been incredible to me, to learn how billion dollar companies in a trillion dollar industry nickel and dime their own policy holders, make any claimant their enemy and how they will litigate every minor payment until you go broke or go away.

This was especially shocking when contrasted with the image the company’s project outwardly in their advertising campaigns, Like Being a Good Neighbor, Your in good hands, We are on your side, etc.

And I began this journey, just like many of us do into uncertain waters, in the aftermath of the horrible hurricanes that devastated Florida in 2004 & 2005. It was not a calling, but a mission. As I began investigating, researching, listening, I began to see how deliberate the deception is, how the Insurance Companies have taken a dark turn, and made profits their only goal, their only concern.

The French have a form of absurdist theater, which is based on the concept of l’equivoque. Where the characters and audience knows there is deception. Everybody in the play except the victim of the deception knows it’s happening. To the insurance companies, you and I are the suckers. They have worked with consulting companies to reengineering their whole enterprise to harvesting your money, and then giving you the boxing gloves if you ask for what you are actually entitled too.

This has been the industry standard operating procedure, a tectonic shift in the insurance industry that started in 1994, when a McKinsey and Co. report suggested to Allstate that reducing its payouts, delaying claims payments, underpaying claims, and things as simple as deliberately leaving out the sales tax on calculating reimbursements is the way to greater and greater profits.

Because the insurance companies have all the capital,  resources, and lawyers they can muster, they have turned into a cold dark mob that has little concern with your well being and are interested in one objective, paying you as little possible, and if you want what the claims is actually worth, they make in nearly impossible to get your justice. We, as individual citizens, have little more than our dignity, and our sense of justice to fight with.

The battle has been joined, the fight is forward, to insist on common decency and respect, expect not to be abused by insurance companies, to be treated fairly, and for Insurance Companies to back way from their claim practices that rob people of the freedom, of their family, and their money, we now seek, WE NOW DEMAND, Insurance Justice™

Scott R Dinin

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