Florida Hospital group facing a whistle blower lawsuit over Medicare Fraud. (Adventist Health Systems)

Whistle-blower lawsuits don’t always happen by sleazy business and traditional government contracting companies,   Fraud against the government is far too pervasive in the country and it hurts ever one in this country by diverting resources away from where there truly need and wasting money.  Ever dollar the government saves in fraud in can be redirected to defense, education, and health access.

Here a doctor and an information manager within one of the Adventist Health Systems hospitals discovered a long running pattern of padding bills, miscoding, and other frauds against Medicare).  They had brought a suit under the False Claims Act, to help the government recover against these frauds.

The Defendant, Adventist Health Systems recently sought  to have the case dismissed by filing a Motion to Dismiss based on a the government failing to state a claim on which relief can be granted and not pleading the “right elements of fraud”, well they lost this motion and will not be able dodge justice, they will have convince a jury that they have done no wrong.  U.S. Federal District Judge  John Antoon II denied Adventist Health Systems Motion to Dismiss

See Order issued by U.S. Federal District Judge John Antoon II : Charlotte Elenberger M.D v ADVENTIST HEALTH SYSTEM-SUNBELT INC

This case just shows that there are good people are out there who want to  route out corruption and help this country be better.  Heroes as  I call people  who step forward are sometimes reluctant to expose corruption, but your are not  alone, lawyers can work with you to help bring unknown frauds to the governments attention and there is plenty of protection to safe guard  the Whistle-blower.

Exposing Fraud is not easy, but you can be compensated for this important work, if you need to talk with a lawyer in complete privacy and confidential we are always here to help.

Scott R. Dinin Esq
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