Has your property been damaged by Grow House (marijuana) or a Drug House (meth) operation on the premises?

A grow house or a drug operation inside a property can cause significant amount of damage.  If the house was used to cultivate marijuana or produce meth, chemical damage as well as. Infrastructure damage is very common.

Criminals will reconfigure property, altering the electricity, air conditioning and plumbing systems to allow for, and maximize the use of, the drug production or marijuana growing.  Since the drug producer do not care for the property these first damages like the reconfiguring of the property lead to more significant damages like mold, spalling, and water damage.

These grow house and drug operations leave behind damages which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.  In most causes property owners that fall victims to these circumstances can look to their property insurance policy for full recovery.  The main thing to understand is like all other property damage or property insurance claim, they are subject to the insurance company’s claims settlement practices.

It is important to realize that Insurance companies are notorious for denying these types of claims and underpaying the ones they agree that are covered.  It is important to investigate these claims in the entirety and make sure that the whole amount of damage is cataloged, said property damage claims attorney Scott R. Dinin, known as the Insurance Justice Lawyer.

Getting your property back to working order is paramount in avoid any further capital or calculation losses, and presenting the claim to insurance

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