Hurricane Victims seek lawyers to fight over insurance claims! Really?

If you have followed my blog, or read any of the trends around claim settlements practices over the last several years, this article should not be a surprise.

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I have commented previously  that there is an epidemic running through the insurance industry where denying claims is a common event.  The trend is now for companies to deny water breaks, condo water damage, vandalism, or property damage claims and make the injured seek full recovery.  Their standard is simple, can we deny this claim, and if not, how little can we pay?

The trend is no different for Hurricane victims.

The Insurance Companies have teams of lawyers handling and reviewing each and every claim that is presented to them, it is wise to have an attorney representing you.  The focus at the Dinin Law Firm is customer service and zealous and tough advocacy.   We take these property damage cases very seriously.  When people’s homes are damaged, it usually set off a chain reaction of problems.

For information on a free consultation regarding Property Damage Insurance Claims, Property Damage, and Condo Water Breaks claims and talk with the Insurance Justice Lawyer™ please visit 

The law Offices of Scott R. Dinin focus is to help people get full compensation for their covered property damage and water damage claims.  In most cases, Scott R. Dinin P.A. never charges a fee until they win your claim.


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