Nationwide Insurance Strategy to underpay claims is Exposed by Judge

Judge Sprecher in the case of  Berg v. Nationwide Insurance ( see the story reported)  found that, “Nationwide was willing to risk the Bergs’ lives to save itself money on a collision claim.”

He found that they [Nationwide Insurance] carried more about money than the lives of their policyholders.  He found that Nationwide Insurance created a strategy to drag cases out over decades to insure that the public knew that if you did not take what Nationwide was offering on any given claim you would find out that Nationwide Insurance is a defense minded carrier, and they want you to know the following-

1) Do not mess with us if you know what is good for you,

2) You cannot run with the big dogs,

3) There is no level playing field to be had in your case,

4) You cannot afford it and what client will pay thousands of dollars to fight the battle,

5) So we can get away with anything we want to,

 6) You cannot stop us.”

Insurance Companies are not people, they are businesses, and they want your money, and they don’t want to keep their promises.  So be careful and trust no one, and if you have an insurance claim hire a lawyer.

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