Federal Court in Galveston, TX says insured may still assert Bad Faith claim against an insurance company even if an appraisal award is paid!

In Intermodal Equip. Logistics, LLCv. Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co the court allowed a bad faith claim to stand and go forward by citing to three exceptions to Texas’s general rule regarding bad faith claims. Even if there is no Breach of Contract, the Insurance Company actions can create a … [Continue reading]

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Finding, Insurance Justice™, from the first chapter

We are on a mission. I am a lawyer, but I was as uninitiated in the world of insurance, and how they keep their promises, how they pay the claims of the average home policy owner. The journey of discovery has been incredible to me, to learn how billion dollar … [Continue reading]

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Federal Judge stops Insurance Company nonsense arguments in: SEAGATE TOWERS CONDOMINIUM v. QBE INSURANCE CORPORATION

U.S. Federal District  Judge Kenneth L. Ryskamp denied QBE Insurance’s “ Motion To Dismiss”  a condo associations lawsuit against QBE for underpaying their insurance claim, from 2005 Hurricane damages. Like all Insurance Companies QBE was playing word games, pretending that asking for endless request for information is a valid excuse to allow insurance companies to … [Continue reading]

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Our Office Still filing Hurricane Wilma Claims

As the Insurance Companies delay claims investigations, and drag their feet, and send out endless request for irreverent information all in their attempts to wear down policy holders from receiving benefits, it has pushed back dates to file lawsuits. As a result as mentioned in earlier posts, we are still … [Continue reading]

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No hurricane deductibles for damage caused by the storm Sandy for NY, NJ and Conn.

The latest states to suspend the ability of Insurance Companies to charge policy holders a deductible for Hurricane Sandy. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo stated yesterday that,” Homeowners should not have to pay hurricane deductibles for damage caused by the storm, and insurers should understand the Department of Financial Services will be monitoring how claims are handled.” Connecticut’s Department of … [Continue reading]

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