File a insurance claim in these states ( Watch out)

USA TODAY ran an article,”7 worst states for filing homeowners’ claims,” From their article, you can expect the following rate hike for using a product you have already paid for. 7. Illinois • Premium hike after one claim: 17.7% • Premium hike after two claims: 32% 6. Utah • Premium … [Continue reading]

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Bad Faith and changed engineer’s reports?

Hurricane Sandy and more fraud on the policyholder exposed. Delay a claim, insurance company profits, delay a claim and the  insurance company lawyers’ profit. See the Story Here: Engineering an engineer’s report to fraudulently alter an expert’s report to deny a valid claim and that then allowed Legal defense firm to profit … [Continue reading]

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Another Insurance company sued over improper claim adjustment for Hurricane Isaac damages

Insurance company faces a lawsuit by a policyholder to get paid actually damages caused by Hurricane Issac. see article here: Just another example of an insurance policyholder that was first a victim of a devastating natural disaster, then becomes victim all over again by what else, a greedy insurance company. see … [Continue reading]

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Federal Emergency Management Agency says it cannot extend the one-year deadline for filing lawsuits related to final settlements for Superstorm Sandy claims

See the article here:  We always provide a 100% free review of your claim, and if you choose to hire our firm to represent you, you can rest assured that if we don’t recover for you, you don’t pay. If we cannot get you recovery, we work for free. No recovery, … [Continue reading]

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Florida property insurance rates going up not down.

One of the major costs of insurance is the price insurance companies pay for reinsurance.  Well, Florida passed legislation designed to bring down reinsurance rates, and the rates for reinsurance have come down 15% t0 20%, but unfortunately it has done nothing to reduce the actually rates of  policyholders in … [Continue reading]

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