Insurance Companies are shielded by Florida’s state courts by being allowed to hide important reports, estimates, communications and photographs

Insurance Policy, it is really a Legal Contract that goes on for over 40 pages with tons of fine print. Insurance companies can use all sorts of laws and tricks to get an advantage and not pay your claim in full. B. Michael Clark, Jr Esq  highlights the problem in the … [Continue reading]

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Another State Sues State Farm for Fraud!

Mississippi is suing State Farm Insurance for millions of dollars  the state lost because the insurance company “maliciously” denied Hurricane Katrina claims for wind losses while the federally funded Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) picked up the tab. Your ” Good Neighbor”,  State Farm Insurance,  in effect converted a program designed to help Mississippians … [Continue reading]

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Nationwide Insurance Strategy to underpay claims is Exposed by Judge

Judge Sprecher in the case of  Berg v. Nationwide Insurance ( see the story reported)  found that, “Nationwide was willing to risk the Bergs’ lives to save itself money on a collision claim.” He found that they [Nationwide Insurance] carried more about money than the lives of their policyholders.  He found that Nationwide … [Continue reading]

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Adjusters can be held Liable for their Negligence

Insurance Company Adjusters can make mistakes, and they can also create them.  I believe its called doing the Insurance Companies’ bidding, or just another part of the fraud that can be property insurance  if the policyholders does not watch everything. In a recent California Case, ( Bock v. Hansen, 225 … [Continue reading]

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Arkansas Supreme Court says Insurance Company cannot depreciate labor costs

When an insurance company pays a claim with an actual cash value for damages provision, a lot of Insurance Companies try pay the labor portion of the claim with deprecation taken out. In the recent certified question to the Arkansas Supreme Court, the court held that when determining the “actual … [Continue reading]

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