jury in Mississippi has found that State Farm committed fraud against the government’s National Flood Insurance Program

State Farm found guilty of shifting damage estimates and payouts for Hurricane Katrina from State Farm wind coverage to the Federal Government’s National Flood Insurance Flood program. In this case, the same company who underpays countless insurance claims, and claims that their customers are defrauding State Farm, is found GUILTY of defrauded the government, that means you and I. … [Continue reading]

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Mortgage Insurance Kickback Scheme Being Investigated

Here the fraud against the consumer started with anti -consumer collusion and price rigging from the beginning of the process, before the policy had been purchased.   Companies conspired  to drive up the cost the Home Mortgage Insurance policies. Good article from the Los Angeles Times Florida Contingency Lawyer takes cases all over Florida:  Pensacola, Lakeland, Port Saint Lucie, Davie, Weston, Hollywood, … [Continue reading]

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Carl Hiaasen is not happy with the Florida run Citizens Insurance

See the Story here→  Carl Hiaasen: This Florida citizen outraged by Citizens insurance

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New York State Pushes news rules to make Insurance companies accountable

Sandy Claims are now subject to new rules for claims response in New York State. New York State has enacted news rules where if an insurance company cannot finalize a claims within 15 days, they can no longer push that decision off for 90 days through an extension, and then possibly continue to request unlimited 90 days extensions. Bottom line, now … [Continue reading]

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Hurricane Isaac Flood Claims have a new deadline.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has granted policy holders in Louisiana, with flood claims an extension until April 22, 2013 to file their proof of losses from that storm. This is very important, because failure to file a proof of loss, will almost guarantee that that you will not … [Continue reading]

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