Insurance Companies are shielded by Florida’s state courts by being allowed to hide important reports, estimates, communications and photographs

Insurance Policy, it is really a Legal Contract that goes on for over 40 pages with tons of fine print. Insurance companies can use all sorts of laws and tricks to get an advantage and not pay your claim in full. B. Michael Clark, Jr Esq  highlights the problem in the … [Continue reading]

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New Hampshire Supreme Court has held that a persistent odor could constitute a “physical loss” under a homeowner’s insurance policy

Lynyrd Skynyrd once wrote about it in their song, ” That Smell” ( Ooooh that smell,Can’t you smell that smell), and now the  New Hampshire Supreme Court recently held that a persistent odor could constitute a “physical loss” under a homeowner’s insurance policy. The Supreme Court thought that “physical loss” need not … [Continue reading]

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Florida’s 4th DCA Court Upholds the Sworn Proof of Loss Requirement

Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals, Upholds Sworn Proof of Loss Requirement . A sworn proof of loss is a condition precedent to filing suit against an insurer, and an insurer need not show prejudice when an insured breaches a condition precedent to suit. In the  Rodrigo v. State Farm Florida Ins. … [Continue reading]

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File a insurance claim in these states ( Watch out)

USA TODAY ran an article,”7 worst states for filing homeowners’ claims,” From their article, you can expect the following rate hike for using a product you have already paid for. 7. Illinois • Premium hike after one claim: 17.7% • Premium hike after two claims: 32% 6. Utah • Premium … [Continue reading]

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Insured is not required to show that its insurer breached a policy before it can bring a claim for bad faith.

The law in Florida to bring a Bad Faith claim against an insurance company has been the Florida Supreme Court precedent that provided that a bad faith claim was only ripe when there had been a “determination of liability.” The determination of liability has been broadened by a recent case … [Continue reading]

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