Florida’s Insurance Consumer Advocate Demands Justice!

The tide is starting to turn on the insurance companies who think they can mistreat customers ( policyholders) and run rough shot over people. Robin Westcott, Florida’s insurance consumer advocate, wants the systematic abuse by insurance companies in their claims handling practices stopped, she is forming a new group to investigate the … [Continue reading]

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Florida Supreme Court upholds policyholders rights in Trinidad v. Fla. Peninsula Ins. Co.

Insurance Company ( Florida Peninsula Insurance Company) refused to pay for named benifit for  general contractor’s overhead and profit because the Plaintiff had not yet incurred those expenses, even though it was a policy benefit to paid out on a covered claim. The policyholder filed suit to enforce their rights, … [Continue reading]

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Homeowners Bill of Rights Established in New York

Post Hurricane Sandy reforms come through.  “Both homeowners and business owners have a right to know the kind of coverage options available to them in the event of a natural disaster, plain and simple. This helps them prepare ahead of time and could potentially mitigate the after-effects of a dangerous storm,” said Assembly … [Continue reading]

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Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company (UPCIC) fined $1.26 million for abusing customers!

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company (UPCIC) has engaged is abusing their own customers. As first detailed in the story 1, or story 2, and many others, these companies  have one goal, not to pay your claims, First, they deny your claim, if that does not work, they move to delay your claim and … [Continue reading]

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Hurricane Victims seek lawyers to fight over insurance claims! Really?

If you have followed my blog, or read any of the trends around claim settlements practices over the last several years, this article should not be a surprise. see the story here I have commented previously  that there is an epidemic running through the insurance industry where denying claims is a common event.  The trend is now for companies to … [Continue reading]

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