Homeowners Bill of Rights advances in New York

More and more people around the country are coming to learn that, trusting your well being to an insurance company can be a costly mistake, when they fail to keep their promises.  see video here Insurance companies are business, and they must be made to treat policyholders with dignity and … [Continue reading]

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Insurance Companies are using Technicalities to Deny Claims

You buy your homeowners insurance for your house and you think you’re covered. The bad news is you’re not, because as soon you need to file a claim for damages, the insurance company finds some way to just rescind your policy or not honor it. It’s happening all the time.  See the Story … [Continue reading]

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Has your property been damaged by Grow House (marijuana) or a Drug House (meth) operation on the premises?

A grow house or a drug operation inside a property can cause significant amount of damage.  If the house was used to cultivate marijuana or produce meth, chemical damage as well as. Infrastructure damage is very common. Criminals will reconfigure property, altering the electricity, air conditioning and plumbing systems to … [Continue reading]

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Mortgage Insurance Kickback Scheme Being Investigated

Here the fraud against the consumer started with anti -consumer collusion and price rigging from the beginning of the process, before the policy had been purchased.   Companies conspired  to drive up the cost the Home Mortgage Insurance policies. Good article from the Los Angeles Times Florida Contingency Lawyer takes cases all over Florida:  Pensacola, Lakeland, Port Saint Lucie, Davie, Weston, Hollywood, … [Continue reading]

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Citizens Insurance Company gets hit with a Class Action suit!

Class action lawsuit filed against Citizens Property Insurance Company

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