Universal Property and Casualty Insurance is doing a good job hurting their customers.

I have had many cases against Universal Property and Casualty Insurance, and this story in the Palm Beach Post is no different!

The Florida State insurance advocate had already in the past called Universal Property and Casualty Insurance claim denials abusive, months later there is no change.

This is the usually the case, insurance companies like Universal Property and Casualty Insurance, have all the power, money, and resources, to make their promises disappear into a cloud of smoke.

As detailed in the story, these companies  have one goal, not to pay your claims, First, they deny your claim, if that does not work, they move to delay your claim and give you a small payout, and if you fight them, they hire the lawyers and keep you aggravated in litigation for years until you give up.

It’s called, “Abuse of Process,” and it should not be tolerated, as a Lawyer, I call myself the Insurance Justice Lawyer™, because I’m fight everyday to stop abuses like this one and make insurance companies treat people with dignity and respect.  Our premiums are not for their enrichment, but to cover and pay claims.

I always recommend retaining an attorney from the beginning of submitting any claim,  and if you don’t, please document every single claim, communication, conversation, damage, and promise, the Insurance Companies are not to be trusted with your family and your future at stake.

It reminds of why I am working so hard, and what I seeking for my clients, It is simply called Insurance Justice™, getting my clients damages paid for, demanding dignity and respect,……………. not contempt and bullying.  Call me at 786-431-1333 let me review what these companies are trying to do to you!

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