Vermont Supreme Court rejects negligence as a cause of action against a carrier in connection with the inspection and handling of a first-party property insurance claim.

Its all about a contract, and your trust in the services you have “bought” when you have an insurance claim.  The Vermont Supreme Courts added to the body of law around the country that had found, that an insured cannot sue an insurance company when they provide lousy ( fill in your adjective here) claims handling, adjusting of a claim.

See the case here:

This ruling while unfortunate, does solidify the idea when you have an insurance claim, you have to take an active part in the investigation and presentment of your claim, because if you solely rely your insurance carrier to adjust your claim, you wont be able to rely on their negligence to get fairly compensated.

I always recommend retaining an attorney from the beginning of submitting any claim,  and if you don’t, please document every single claim, communication, conversation, damage, and promise, the Insurance Companies are not to be trusted with your family and your future at stake.

It reminds of why I am working so hard, and what I seeking for my clients, It is simply called Insurance Justice™, getting my clients damages paid for, demanding dignity and respect,… not contempt and bullying.  Call me at 786-431-1333 let me review what these companies are trying to do to you!






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